State of Mississippi Adult and Juvenile Jailer

Total Control Training Institute, Inc.

State of Mississippi Adult and Juvenile Jailer

Jail Officer Training is the single program activity supported by the Board on Jail Officer Standards and Training. Activities of the Board are either involved directly with jail officer training or in support of such training. The training encompasses all jail officers in the state (county, municipal and youth detention). The Board develops and administers the curriculum and approves training delivery systems. In support of the jail officer training effort, the Board monitors compliance with the law, conducts research to insure program applicability and assist agencies by funding of the mandated training.

TCTI offers a 10-day Adult detention program with 96 hours of required training designed to educate and certify officers as adult jailers for the State of Mississippi.  Classroom time, lectures and physical training will be included in the 96-hour program. We also offer a Juvenile detention program that is an additional 2 days for a total of 120 hours of required training.

  • TCTI, Inc. is a research based use of force training organization that serves the professional communities of Criminal Justice, Military, Education, Health Providers, Fire/EMS, and both low and high risk Security agencies. TCTI is a product of a design methodology based on the “Reasonable Person Doctrine” techniques which can be learned quickly.
  • Jailer Program: Program approved by BLEOSTA
  • TCTI’s training research methodology centers on the development of documented research. TCTI, Inc. will provide assistance in defending agencies, training academies administrators, instructors and field officers in the event of litigation, using this research based methodology.
  • All TCTI courses are approved and accredited by:

      *MS BLEOST

      *MS BJOST

      *MS Dept. of Education

     *MS State Board of Health


  • The minimum requirements for employment as a jail officer in the state of Mississippi are:

    -Be at least 18 years of age, or older;
    -Be a high-school graduate or recipient of a GED;
    -Be a Citizen of the United States;
    -Be of good physical and mental condition and capable of performing the duties under conditions inherent to the profession as verified by a licensed practitioner;
    -Be of good moral character as evidenced among other things by having neither a conviction nor a plea of guilty or nolo contendere for a felony or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.
    -Individuals must have been discharged from the Armed Forces under honorable conditions.
    -Fitness for service as it relates to moral character must be verified by an appropriate background investigation.


  • In order for a person to become a certified jail officer, he or she must first successfully complete the basic training course at an approved detention officer training facility or on site training by approved company.

    The Board has established a training program that must be successfully completed by the jail officer. A jail officer must complete an approved CPR/First Aid course and the Board approved ninety-six (96) hour Standardized Detention Officer Course. An officer working in a youth detention facility must complete an additional twenty-four (24) hour course for juvenile officers.


  • (§ 45-4-9) After January 1, 2000, no person shall be appointed or employed as a jail officer or a part-time jail officer unless that person has been certified as being qualified under the existing employment standards.

    No person who is required to be certified shall be appointed or employed as a jail officer by any sheriff or police department for a period to exceed two (2) years without being certified. The prohibition against the appointment or employment of a jail officer for a period not to exceed two (2) years may not be nullified by terminating the appointment or employment of such a person before the expiration of the time period and then rehiring the person for another period. Any person who, due to illness or other events beyond his control, as may be determined by the Board on Jail Officer Standards and Training, does not attend the required school or training as scheduled, may serve with full pay and benefits in such a capacity until he can attend the required school or training

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