TCTI offers over 75 pieces of the finest weight training equipment from industry leading manufactures. Tone your body and build your stamina with our variety of cardio equipment.

TCTI also offers an indoor racquetball court where we welcome our members to enjoy a match with friends and family or to use as an independent cardio workout.

TCTI’s personal trainers are nationally certified instructors who specialize in guiding clients interested in weight loss, muscle building and increasing their fitness levels on the appropriate modes of action. They work with clients to create individualized plans for achieving their fitness goals and provide supplemental nutritional information.

TCTI’s group fitness classes are held in our group fitness room that is designed to maximize your fitness experience. Our classes are taught by nationally certified trainers who are eager to help our members achieve their health and fitness goals. Join one of our classes today!


TCTI Group Fitness Schedule

Monday Senior Strong 10:00-10:45 AM Spin Class 6:00-7:00 PM
TuesdayAerobics 7:00-8:00 PM
Wednesday Spin Class 5:00-6:00 AMHip-hop Fitness (Dance) 6:00-7:00 PM
ThursdaySpin/HIIT 7:00-8:00 PM
Friday Senior Strong 10:00-10:45 AM
Saturday Spin Class 9:00-10:00 AM
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