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Total Control Training Institute, Inc. is designed to train law enforcement, military, security, and civilian agencies in the use of force field as it applies to their specific needs.  The type of training offered is hands on defensive tactics and weapon training inherent to the enforcement profession.  Personal protection programs are designed for advanced security in the homeland protection field. 

TCTI is approved by the State of MS to provide Mississippi Detention Officer state certification in both Adult and Juvenile Jailor courses. If approved TCTI can bring the training staff to your department location and provide training needs for the jailor certification. When training is completed the cost for attendance is state reimbursed.

TCTI Staff all have backgrounds in Law Enforcement and as law enforcement, security, military & civilian trainers.  Each instructor has years experience in the training field. 

TCTI conducts all training on the road by hosting agencies throughout the country.  The training techniques are researched and proven through actual encounters in the field.  Our goal is to insure that students survive and are not statistics. 

TCTI has over 40 separate training courses available to law enforcement, military, medical staff, school staff, security & executive/dignitary protection.  Our courses range from basic to advanced training.  Detailed course descriptions and hosting information are available upon request. 

Whether the individuals being trained are law enforcement, military, security or civilian groups, they must all be trained in the legal and moral aspects of the techniques they have been taught.  The legal responsibilities of the above are all somewhat different and require specific training so that each student can survive both physically and mentally. 

TCTI offers over 25 Instructor Courses

*If you do not see the course listed that you may desire, TCTI can custom design and develop any course of training for a department, agency or client who may have a particular need. Just advise us on what your needs are in a certain area, and we will conduct a training needs analysis, and then develop a custom program of training to fit your particular need.

TCTI can develop any type of a training course for any of the following:

*Law Enforcement


*Security (Low Risk or High Risk)     


*Health Care Providers


TCTI can also provide Protection Details:

*Executive/Dignitary/Witness Protection

*Personnel Extraction

*Asset Protection

*Convoy Escorts

*Security (Low or High Risk)

*Asset Recovery

*Damage Assessment

TCTI can also provide emergency response teams in the event of catastrophes. The team would be capable of providing any of the protection services listed above

Each team would consist of four (4) operators:

*Team Leader (Operator)

*Driver (Operator)

*Security Consultant (Operator)

*Search & Rescue/Medic

 TCTI, Inc. is a research based use of force training organization that serves the professional communities of Criminal Justice, Military, Education, Health Providers, Fire/EMS, and both low and high risk Security agencies. TCTI is a product of a design methodology based on the “Reasonable Person Doctrine” techniques which can be learned quickly.

 TCTI’s training research methodology centers on the development of documented research. TCTI, Inc. will provide assistance in defending agencies, training academies administrators, instructors and field officers in the event of litigation, using this research based methodology.

 Mr. Jeff Curtis, President of TCTI, Inc. is certified as an Expert Witness in the Use of Force and Protection field and has provided testimony and support for officers and agencies in both State and Federal Court.

 All TCTI courses are approved and accredited by:

      *MS BLEOST

      *MS BJOST

      *MS Dept. of Education

      *MS State Board of Health

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